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by posted 04/19/2018

14U Jr Otters 14U Lady Jr Otters 14U Lions 12 Jr Otters TB Girls 12U Lions 12U Major Lions 12U Minor Lions 10U Major Lions 10U Minor Lions
Jamie Plunket Sarah Erickson Pat Callaghan Pat Callaghan Nikki Work Scott Dudkiewicz Marlin Coon Ken Wolfarth Dan Dzurik
Kessler TBD TDB Sorge   Mason Maciulewicz Alec Coon Dillon Martin William Agresti
Sutton     Natividad   Makenna Huggins Cameron Christman Brody Bargar Noah Ardillo
Johnson     Vavala   Bryce Peterson Andrew Timon Christopher Bruschi Nash Burrows
Smith     Haynes   Eli Nicklas Diaz Bojkic Casey Burton Joseph Curtiss
Catalde     Maciulewicz   Caleb Dacus Vincent Scalise Daniel Burton Colby Dzurik (G)
Rupp     Taylor   Ashton Duchini Layne Eliason Hyatt Hetz Trevor Hacke
Nadzam     Weismiller   Alex Johnston Logan Pierce Braydon Kehl Nathan Hanel
Moon     Olson   Logan Taylor Thomas Gunther Hannah Nicklas Gabriel Harmon
Sowa     Timon   Wendell D. Natividad Joe Weismiller Dallas Oleksy Quentin Haynes
      Johnson   Gio Main Aisling McFadden Dylan Payne Maddox Maciulewicz
Call Back     Cunningham   Cooper Wierzchowski Levi Laser Ethan Pfleger Aiden McFadden
Brown     Baniewicz   Jacob Baniewicz Alex Lunger Brady Sack Nick Hoke
Martin     Duchini   Rylan Sorge Charlie McBrier Luke Teed  
Tridico     Huggins   Nico Vavala Colin Troutman Marco Vavala  
Callaghan     McBrier   Gino Haynes Ethan Cunningham Ayden Wolfarth  
Denofrio     Peterson   Tanner Ball   Ryan Yunik  
Fennel     Ball     AJ Fuller (G)    
Lewis     Brown     Ian Brown (G)    
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UPDATED - Travel Tryouts
by posted 04/19/2018

***Slight Updates in times due to a Conflict at MIC in 4/14 Please check updated times below***
Below is the dates and times for for all Open Skates and Tryouts based on birth year for Travel hockey. Anyone interested in that age group Travel hockey at each level is welcome at these Open Skates. ALL Tryout applications must be filled out and the $250 must be attached or the skater will NOT be allowed onthe ice.
Anyone interested int a Player Sponsorship please have this form filled out and turned in by the June 15th Deadline.
10U - 08/09 Birth Years
Open Skates - for any players with an 08/09 birth years that are considering travel hockey.  
       4/7 - 6-7pm at MIC
      4/11 - 4:45-5:45pm at MIC
Tryouts - ALL participants MUST bring a $250 check along with the Travel Team Tryout application.  You will NOT be able to go onto the ice without the commitment fee and application.  
       4/13 - 6-7pm at MIC
       ****4/14 - 8-9am at MIC****
12U - 06/07 Birth Years
Open Skates - for any players with an 06/07 birth years that are considering travel hockey.  
        4/3 - 8:15-9:30pm at MIC
        4/8 - 4:30-5:30pm at MIC
Tryouts - ALL participants MUST bring a $250 check along with the Travel Team Tryout application.  You will NOT be able to go onto the ice without the commitment fee and application.
   12U Erie Lions   
        4/9 - 7-8:30pm at MIC
        4/15 - 4-5:30pm at MIC
   12U Jr. Otters Tournament Team
        ****4/14 - 9:10-10:40 at MIC****
14U - 04/05 Birth Years
Open Skate - for any players with an 04/05 birth years that are considering trying out for the 14U Junior Otters Team or the 14U Erie Lions Team.
         4/4 - 4:45-5:45pm at MIC
         4/7 - 8:30-9:30pm at MIC
Tryouts - ALL participants MUST bring a $250 check along with the Travel Team Tryout application.  You will NOT be able to go onto the ice without the commitment fee and application.
       14U Jr. Otters
               ****4/14 - 10:50am- 12:15pm at MIC****
               4/15 - 12:30-2pm at MIC
Call back time. 4-21-18 12:45 - 1:45 @ MIC
       14U Erie Lions
               4/20 - 6-7:30pm at MIC
               4/21 - 9:15-10:45am at MIC
15U Jr. Otters - 03 Birth Year
Open Skate - for any players with an 03 birth year that are considering trying out for the 15U Junior Otters Team.
           3/31 - 8:45-10:15am at MIC
           4/11 - 8:15 - 9:45pm at MIC
Tryouts - ALL participants MUST bring a $250 check along with the Travel Team Tryout application.  You will NOT be able to go onto the ice without the commitment fee and application.
      ****4/14 - 12:25-1:50pm at MIC****
      4/15 - 2:15-3:45pm at MIC
Open Skate for any 12U or 14U girls 4/7 4:45-5:45pm at MIC
12U Girls - 06/07/08/09 Birth years
Tryouts - ALL participants MUST bring a $250 check along with the Travel Team Tryout application.  You will NOT be able to go onto the ice without the commitment fee and application.
    ****4/14 - 4:10-5:40pm at MIC****
14U Lady Jr. Otter - 04/05 Birth years 
Tryouts - ALL participants MUST bring a $250 check along with the Travel Team Tryout application.  You will NOT be able to go onto the ice without the commitment fee and application.
       4/21 - 11am-12:30pm at MIC
       4/22 - 12:30-2pm at MIC
19U Girls 2003-1999 Birth Years
Open House - 5/5 12:45-1:45pm at MIC
Anyone interested int a Player Sponsorship please have this form filled out and turned in by the June 15th Deadline.
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14U Junior Otters!! (call backs below)
by posted 04/19/2018

Call back time. 4-21-18 12:45 - 1:45 @ MIC

14U Current Roster (do not need to be on the ice for call back)
Call back tryout
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EYHA Stick Times!!
by posted 04/18/2018

EYHA is offering stick times.  Please note that they are based on your child’s birth year.   These stick times are for EYHA players from this past season 2017-18.   These will be free of charge as our way of saying thank you for all of your patience and understanding this season with the ice issues.   All Stick Times are at Mercyhurst as that is the Only Ice until next season. The schedule is:

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Youth Hockey Day at PNC Park
by posted 04/12/2018

Great News!  Youth Hockey Day at PNC Park is coming back for their second annual year!



Join us at PNC Park on Sunday, July 29th at 1:35pm as your Pirates take on the New York Mets! Don’t miss your chance to get on the warning track just minutes to the start of the game.


Use the link www.pirates.com/youthhockey


Then, use code HOCKEY to select your seats from one of our two different seating categories.


Some additional benefits include:

  •          Pre-game warning track group salute for all players
  •          Fundraising Opportunities
  •          Discounted Tickets


Please feel free to call me directly at 412-325-4778 or respond to this email with groups of 15 people or more, or with any questions or comments you may have regarding Youth Hockey Day here at PNC Park. I am looking forward to seeing you and your team here!



Cody Sharik




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Junior Otters tryouts!
by posted 04/10/2018

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House PeeWee/Bantam Champions! The Maple Leafs!
by posted 04/09/2018

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House Squirt Champions! The Jets!
by posted 04/09/2018

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Checking Clinic for EYHA Travel Players
by posted 04/07/2018

Clinic is for 14U and 15U EYHA MEMBERS ONLY Held @ MIC 

Instructors:  Tommy, Assistant coach at Mercyhurst University and Sarah Erickson-Upton, former National Champion and team Captain at the University of Minnesota.

Dates and time are:
4/29 12:45pm
4/30 7pm
5/1 7pm
5/4 6pm

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EYHA – Member Update
by posted 03/26/2018

As this hockey season is drawing to a close, we would like to provide you with the following update around some important/exciting topics:

Structure for next season - For the upcoming 2018/2019 season EYHA will be moving back to playing out of the Pittsburgh Amateur Hockey League (PAHL )and follow a mixed birth year model.  Some reasons why this makes sense for EYHA include:


  • USA Hockey wants us to play in Pennsylvania, as it is where our votes are applied
  • PAHL offers more divisions per age bracket and skill level,  giving us the flexibility to compete at as high or as low of a level as our team’s abilities and aspirations require
  • PAHL will place our teams based on actual “play in” games, putting our teams in a position to get the most value out of their season
  • The mixed birth year model allows us to overcome lower numbers in certain birth years and enables us to sustain as many completive teams, at all levels, as our numbers will allow
  • There will be NO age ratio that needs to be achieved for these mix birth year teams.  The way the process will work is that the kids will be grouped based on their skills and abilities rather than which year they were born in within their division
  • The number of teams we end up having in each division (travel, select and house) will be determined by the number of players that we have in each of the birth years


Tryouts – All tryout information is posted on the EHYA web site and has been emailed out to the entire membership.


Ice hours – A credit will be issued to player’s accounts, after tryout, for ice hour shortages.  For those leaving the organization a refund check will be issued and mailed out.


Travel team accounts - Travel team accounts need to be zeroed out at the end of this season, as the team dynamics will be changing for next season, as outlined above.


Elections - All information regarding the Annual Election of Board Members is posted on the EHYA web site and has been emailed out to the entire membership.  You will be receiving an email soon asking you to vote! 


Committees – So far, more than 20 of your fellow EYHA members have stepped up and volunteered for the newly formed committee structure that is going to help the board oversee and execute on operations that are vital to the future of the Erie Youth Hockey Association.  Things like marketing, fund raising, tournaments, attracting new skaters… are just some of the areas that these committee members are going to be lending their time, effort and expertise to.  The board would like to extend a special THANK YOU to these members and encourage anyone else that might be interested in helping out to let us know.  There will always be room for people who are willing and able to help!


Erie Bank Sports Park – We are pleased to announce that the construction for the Erie Bank Sports Park officially began on Wednesday, March 21st!!!  The planned opening date is September 1st 2018.  Be sure to check out the new website for the facility:   http://www.eriesportspark.com/


Coaching Update – We are excited to announce the addition of two individuals to our organization that will provide a tremendous amount of value:


·         Mike Rupp – Coaching Director - Mike is a retired NHL player who played for the New Jersey Devils, Phoenix Coyotes, Columbus Blue Jackets, Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Rangers and Minnesota Wild.  Mike scored the Stanley Cup-clinching goal — and first Stanley Cup playoff goal of his career — in the 2003 Stanley Cup Finals, which gave the Devils franchise its third Cup championship.  Mike currently serves as an analyst on NHL Network and AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh.


·         Sarah Erickson Upton – 14U Jr. Lady Otters Coach - Sarah is a former Captain of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers.  She is also a former Captain of the US National Team and won gold at the U-18 championships in 2008.  Sarah has coached at both the tier 1 and collegiate level in Minnesota and she and her husband run a professional off-ice training program in Minnesota in the summer.


Mike and Sarah’s roles will continue to evolve, as we identify areas of need, but I don’t think it would be possible to overstate how lucky we are to have these individuals plugged into our organization and being willing to help out in any way they can.  On behalf of the entire organization, I’d like to say “welcome” and “thank you”.


As you can tell, there is a great deal going on right now tied to entering a new era for the organization.  As with any change, there will most certainly be bumps in the road.  We’d like to thank all of our members for their continued patience and support.  Brighter days are most certainly ahead we are looking forward to enjoying them with all of you!


Thank you!


The EYHA Board


Tim Maciulewicz



Mobile: (814)392-1116

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U14 Lady Jr. Otters
by posted 03/20/2018

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by posted 03/05/2018

The ’06 Erie Lions are champions once again!  The Lions entered the 2018 playoffs as the 2nd seed.  Last Sunday in the semi-final game, they defeated the Cheektawaga Warriors on their home ice, 2-1 to reach the championship game for the third time in three years.  The Championship match found them once again facing the Niagara Junior Purple Eagles, a familiar face that they defeated for their first title in 2016 and the same team that they tied twice this regular season.  All season the Eagles and Lions were at the top of the standings so meeting in this game was no surprise.  The Eagles came out ready and took advantage of the moment.  Scoring early and often, the Lions found themselves down 3-0 going into the 2nd period.  But as the Lions showed all year, their heart was mightier than the opponent.  The Lions scored early in the 2ndto make it 3-1.  The arena could feel the momentum change.  Not long after, another Lions goal brought them within one.  Two minutes into the third period, a third unanswered goal brought the game even at 3-3.  The battle continued through the 3rd until the Eagles appeared ready to hold the trophy by scoring with 6 minutes left.  But the Lions would not be caged and once again found the net to end the game in a tie, 4-4.  Heading into overtime, a Lions penalty put them down a man.  The advantage only lasted 30 seconds as the Eagles joined them us in the box.  4 on 4 overtime hockey it is.  The Lions took the puck and a 2 on 1 rush at the net gave them the Championship victory once again!  The ’06 Erie Lions are coached by Head Coach Mark Sprickman, and assistant coaches Jeff Vavala, Jeremy Peterson and John Sorge.  We would like to thank all of the ’06 players for representing Erie for three straight years in the championship and bringing home the title twice. 

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by posted 03/05/2018



The 05's won the Western New York Championship 2-1 in OT!  This is their 3r year in a row winning the championship!!


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EYHA Locker Room Policies Reminders
by posted 02/13/2018

Attention all EYHA Members


USA Hockey states, “Cell phones and other mobile devices with recording capabilities, which includes voice recording, still cameras, and video cameras, increase the risk forms of abuse or misconduct.  As a result, the use of a mobile device’s recording capabilities in the locker rooms is not permitted at any USA Hockey sanctioned event, provided that it may be acceptable to take photographs or recordings in a locker room in such unique circumstances as a victory celebration, team party, etc… where all persons in the locker room are appropriately dressed and have been advised that photographs or recordings are being taken.”


EYHA is part of USA Hockey and MUST be complying with the above at all times.


Thank you,


Heather Maciulewicz


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Ice Breaker Weekend Pass + FREE Erie Sports Vouchers!
by posted 11/13/2017

View this email in your browser


Erie Sports Package



Tickets on sale November 22
at the Erie Insurance Arena Box Office!



Buy your Ice Breaker Weekend Pass -
see all your favorite Erie sports teams!

For a limited time, when you purchase an Ice Breaker Weekend pass for $49 (+taxes and fees), you'll receive FREE vouchers to check out Erie's sports teams. The Erie Sports Package includes:

  • One 2018 Ice Breaker Tournament Weekend Pass
  • One voucher to an Erie Otters game 
  • One voucher to an Erie SeaWolves game
  • One voucher to an Erie Bayhawks game
  • One voucher to an Erie Commodores game
  • Tickets to all December-January Mercyhurst Men's Hockey home games

That's 17 games - less than $3 per game!
Package valued at more than $150!



Fans will also receive a voucher to purchase a $10 ticket to see theU.S. National Junior Team take on Sweden
at the Erie Insurance Arena Friday, December 22(tickets on sale for $17)
Read more here.





The Erie Sports Package is available for a limited time for $49 plus tax and fees. For more information, visit www.hurstathletics.com/icebreaker.




Copyright © 2017 Erie Sports Commission, All rights reserved. 
Stay and Play in Erie, PA! 

Our mailing address is:

Erie Sports Commission

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